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The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is characterized by its unmistakable design, further improved seating comfort, wind and weather protection and by its muscular presence. Conquer any type of terrain on an adventure bike that meets all your practical needs. Two standard-fitted ride modes – “Rain” and “Road” – are available at the press of a button and offer two completely different, finely tuned riding experiences

30 liters in the fuel tank combined with the engine’s optimized fuel efficiency really make you “unstoppable” on and off the road making unwanted stops a thing of the past.

The R 1200 GS Adventure responds dynamically to any situation thanks to the legendary 92KW of flat-twin torque and 125 CV delivered by the new, air/liquid-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine.

BMW R 1200 RT LC

Greater comfort for a more intense experience.  Facilitates what is most important when touring: experiencing the landscape. And ensures comfortable and relaxed riding while touring.

Powered by an air/water-cooled BMW boxer engine which provides powerful forward thrust with substantial torque and an output of 125 CV. Thanks to standard Automatic Stability Control (ASC) this machine provides optimum traction to account for a variety of road surfaces and conditions. “Rain” and “Road” modes can be activated at the press of a button to adapt the motorcycle to weather and road conditions. On-board computer Pro with multi-controller and power adjustable windshield.

BMW R 1200 GS LC

The versatile road performance and comfort in any terrain, combined with the legendary robustness and the expertise from over 36 years of GS development result in a motorcycle that does not shy away from competitors. Numerous test triumphs and technical magazine awards prove why it’s no accident that the “GS” model is one of the top-selling motorcycles worldwide in its category. The new model includes enhanced touring suitability. More comfort, more dynamics, and more fun.

Twin-cylinder boxer engine with 125 CV (92 kW) is noticeably efficient and has very high torque – for noticeable riding enjoyment in any situation.

Rain and Road riding modes as well as the automatic stability control (ASC) and allow the motorcycle to adapt and optimally suit the circumstances. It also includes Hill Start Control, which prevents the bike from rolling backward on an incline, and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), which also accounts for the bike’s lean-angle, supporting safety and riding dynamics.

BMW F 850 GS

Sportive character and the high-quality design is striking. The radiator cowl with its galvanized look gives the F 850 GS a unique quality and a more powerful appearance. Twin-cylinder engine with 95 CV (70 KW).

The Ride-by-Wire electronic control system gives the rider much finer throttle control. It has Rain and Road riding modes. With ABS, ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) and ASC (Automatic Stability Control), your ride will be more comfortable.

BMW F 750 GS

Twin-cylinder engine with 77 CV (57 KW)  and outstanding handling make riding child’s play. Due to its low weight and many different seat variants from high to low-slung, it is also particularly suited to smaller riders and beginners as an ideal all-around adventure machine.

Thanks to the Ride-by-Wire electronic control system, the rider can control acceleration and deceleration more easily. Operating the accelerator becomes physically easier, due to an elimination of the mechanical transmission. It has Rain and Road riding modes. With ABS,ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) and ASC (Automatic Stability Control), your ride will not only be more confident, but more comfortable.